Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Day of the Doctor

Today is the day!

If you've "saved the day" then you know that today is when they show the official 50th anniversary special of everyone's favorite British television show, Doctor Who!  I have been anxiously awaiting this date for months, as it marks the (temporary) return of my favorite Doctor, the Tenth, played by David Tennant.

I had been wanting to make myself a pinafore style dress to wear for some time, so at the last minute I got the idea to attempt a Tenth Doctor-themed design as a way to celebrate.  Ten had quite the variety of sharp suits and ties that he wore on his adventures, but I based my pinafore on this particular one. Blue suit, white shirt, red tie.

There are several tutorials out there explaining how to make a pinafore, but I added my own ideas and improvised on a lot of details. For example, I wanted to give the illusion of the suit jacket's collar, so I cut and sewed a two layered blue square, and the top layer was cut open with the top bits transforming into a "collar" and a v-shape at the bottom, to tuck the tie in. I'll admit, I sort of screwed it up, haha. (Don't judge me, I was in a rush!)

The ruched white bit in the middle was from an old shirt I cut up, and I thrifted the red tie. Tennant himself never actually wore such a brightly coloured tie, but I didn't find one that matched his, exactly.  However, if you do a search for fan-made Tenth Doctor-themed dolls and toys, they all use a similarly bright tie, for some reason. (See also: my Dr. Whooves My Little Pony, below. Isn't he adorable?! I love how they modeled him after David's Doctor, right down to the hair!).

Aaaaand of course, the only thing missing was the signature long, brown coat!  I couldn't find something that looked anything like it, unfortunately.  However, I'm pretty pleased with how this whole creation turned out, overall!  It makes me feel like the female-doll version of the Tenth Doctor. I'm fairly proud.

I will definitely be sewing more pinafores in the future, as they are a pretty easy project for when you don't have a lot of time on your hands, and they are adorable too!

And finally, some parting words:  not to sound all mushy and stuff, but I am both amazed and incredibly grateful that this T.V. show has stood the test of time.  Fifty years!  I'm so glad that it keeps growing and so very thankful that I happened to stumble upon it only three years ago. It keeps me entertained, gives me joy, and sends my imagination on a wild ride.

Thank you, creators/dreamers/team of Doctor Who, both past and present.  I look forward to the next fifty years of adventures!


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