Monday, October 20, 2014

October 2014 Kawaii Box Unboxing!

I've been hearing a lot about these "subscription boxes", lately, but I hadn't looked into them or even knew that there existed SO many different kinds. There's a box for everything from food to toys to music. It's a pretty neat idea, but none of them really grabbed my attention enough for me to want to try them until I found Kawaii Box!

I had first heard of it through a review on the IGGPPC website (here), and immediately knew I had to have it. Confession time: I am a sucker for anything PINK and GIRLY. I just am. I can't help it. The word itself, 'kawaii', literally means 'cute' in Japanese, and since I've also been obsessed with Japanese culture and street style for years now, it just seems so genius to create a subscription box that caters to girls like me, and is filled with the most adorable items straight from Asia! Check out what comes in the October box:

Honestly, I was kind of hoping for something a bit 'Halloween'-themed for October, but I'm not complaining! It was all packaged very well, and it was so much fun reaching in, not knowing what cute item I would be grabbing next.

There were two kinds of stickers: cupcakes and pink pearl stick-on jewelry types for decorating phones (or whatever you want!), a pink panda notecard, along with a hand written note from the company, a critter-shaped pencil sharpener, candy hair ties, a colorful washcloth, a Hello Kitty pen, (which by the way writes in a super thin tip with black ink, suitable for doodling!), two keychains/charms, (one which is a foam Rilakkuma in a creamy sandwich cookie form, and the other is a fuzzy, poofy cat-creature type thing!)...

My cell phone doesn't have a spot for putting on charms of this kind, so I'm using the Rilakkuma one on my Nintendo 3DS for now, (which as you can see, is also pink!)

There was also a pink cosmetic (or pencil!) bag, and a package of some kind of grapefruit flavored Japanese yogurt candy.

Overall, I'm really happy with this Kawaii Box. My favorite items are the zipper bag, the pencil sharpener, and the Hello Kitty pen. But everything is of good quality and soooo cute it hurts.

Try it out for yourself by ordering here!

 Don't you just love getting surprises in the mail?! In addition to the Kawaii Box, I also received my copy of Mat Devine, a.k.a. Wrongchilde's new album Goldblooded, (remember I blogged about it back in June?)  I didn't photograph it, but I was finally able to listen to it from start to finish, the way it was meant to be listened to. (I'm very weird like that: even though this day and age sees most music artists releasing/streaming their entire albums online before the actual c.d.'s are even available, I try to hold off on listening to anything until I have the actual physical album in my hands. It just feels more personal that way..)

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  1. I am sometimes overwhelmed by all the subscription boxes available. Some of the food ones look so tempting.

    1. Yes! It's like I find out about a new one each day! A snack box would be interesting to try...

  2. The zippy pouch looks adorable.... with so many subscription boxes out there it's just so hard to choose one! I might try this one soon.


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