Friday, November 7, 2014

Fandom Friday: 5 Songs that Always Make Me Feel Better

Fandom Friday time! Since I'm not much of a 'foodie', I took some creative license with this week's theme and instead of talking about 'comfort foods that always make me feel better', I'm going to be listing some songs that I consider 'comfort music'! (Because music really can heal!)

As always, thank you to the eternally awesome Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for these Fandom Friday prompts, and please do check out their blogs if you're not familiar with them by now!

5. "Songs that Saved My Life" - Kill Hannah

 I had to start with this one because the name of the song sets the tone for this post. Sometimes, when nothing else feels like it's working, shutting out the world by putting on headphones and listening to music is the only thing you can do. This is, essentially, a song about that. I always take comfort in knowing that someone else out there has felt the things I've felt, and that I'm not alone.

Click here to listen to a sample or download this song (on Amazon)

4. "Battle for the Sun" - Placebo

Placebo is a band that has been around for yeeeears... (Cool story: I got to meet them once! They are SO NICE, it's not even funny!) I still consider this particular song to be one of their "newer" ones, even though it was released in 2009. But I consider anything they've put out since original drummer Steve Hewitt left to be "new", or at least just a slightly different sound than the Placebo I was used to. But ANYways, this is kind of a song that pumps you up!  You can sing along to the words and just sink into that feeling of "I'm not letting (insert bothersome thing here) bother me anymore!"

Click here to see the official music video for this song

3. "It's Not a Fashion Statement, it's a _ Death Wish" - My Chemical Romance

Ok, so this is probably the most "emo" song on here, but it's just so good!  In general, the band My Chemical Romance itself has always been credited for "saving lives" not only with their music, but their overall message of "it's okay to be messed up".. (and unless you're a complete stranger to my blog, then you already know I'm their number one fan!) I can clearly remember turning to this song to get me through a 'rough patch' when I was in high school, (involving some jerk who hurt my feelings), and to this day, every time I listen to it, it just makes me want to throw my fists in the air and scream with joy! The line "I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take" is everything.

Click here to listen to this song on Spotify

2. "Eye of the Storm" - The Cruxshadows

 This entire song's lyrics are like a poem from start to finish. It's hard to describe, but every single line is very beautiful, and the overall message is uplifting and positive. The lovely violin parts just make it all the better. If you only get curious about one song on this list, let it be this one. (And listen to the rest of the album if you like dancing!)

Click here to listen to this song on Spotify

1. "Invincible" - Muse

 There are actually several songs by Muse that make me feel good, but this particular one is just so beautiful. Like "Eye of the Storm" (by the Cruxshadows, that I just listed above), the lyrics are very encouraging and just give me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over... It's like getting a big bear hug. And that's why it's number one on my list!

Click here to listen to this song on Spotify


"Butterfly Cry" - Kerli

 I couldn't hit "publish" without including at least ONE song by a female artist! So here's an extra. This is kind of a slow song to listen to when you're feeling particularly sad. Kerli's sweet voice feels like somebody stroking your hair and wiping your tears away, and the lyrics gently remind you that it's all going to be okay. Comforting, indeed!

Click here to listen to this song on Spotify

So there you have it. I truly hope you enjoyed this post, because I really enjoyed writing it! I love music so much, and I would love to know if there are any songs that YOU guys listen to when you need a pick-me-up. Please do share with me, okay?

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  1. Perfect, music always changes my mood! It makes my mood, it is everything! Thank you for sharing! xx

  2. How did I just now notice your IAMX button?! Placebo and IAMX are my favorite bands (with Garbage too). So cool to find someone else that is a fan. This makes me so happy. I wanted to see Placebo but they didn't tour anywhere near Oklahoma this time : (

    1. You're an IAMX and Placebo fan?!? Ok, I'm not sure if you ever watched Will and Grace, but in the words of Jack McFarland: "YOU'RE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! CALL ME EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!" ;) ;)I've never seen IAMX live, (hopefully one day), but I've loved him/them since high school and Placebo as well. I can't remember what year I saw Placebo, but it was during a summer tour (Projekt Revolution with MCR and MSI and HIM), and they did a signing and I totally fangirled embarrassingly in front of Brian Molko. But it was awesome ;) If I ever meet Chris Corner, though, I might just cry.


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