Friday, February 13, 2015

Why I Fell in Love with Supernatural

February always brings about a lot of LOVE related things, thanks to Valentine's Day. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the 'corporate/commercial' side of it, I do enjoy seeing a lot of pink and red hearts and flowers everywhere. Regardless of whether it's a "real" holiday or not, I suppose it's nice to know that a lot of people take this time to show their appreciation for their friends and loved ones, and I think it's also a good time to remind us that it's okay to show love for yourself and to treat YOURSELF!

If you've been reading my blog (or have followed me on Twitter) for a while now, you're probably already sick of me talking so much about the t.v. show Supernatural.  But you see, I just can't help it. I have so much love for this fandom that it's not even funny anymore. And I've been thinking about writing this post for some time now, examining some of the reasons WHY I've gotten so into this show, and what better time than the day before Valentine's Day?

Our favorite t.v. shows and movies and music are what make each of us unique. They define us.. and sometimes you'll discover something that is "new" to you, but that isn't necessarily new itself. And sometimes that's the best feeling in the world, because it's almost like this thing showed up in your life at the perfect moment.. like it's meant to be, or it's meant to help you in some way. Sounds so corny, right? But I think that's exactly what happened with Supernatural, for me. (And what also happened with Doctor Who, years ago). Supernatural has been around since I graduated high school, but I never quite payed attention to it until last year. And now I'm hooked. Obsessed. In love.. what makes this show so special to me?

the Mythology and Lore

First and foremost: I've always had a soft spot for fantasy stories and legends and magical tales. I remember how we had a required reading assignment the summer before starting high school that was a book on Greek mythology. I devoured it. I thought everything about it was wonderful, and it was just so cool to learn about this whole world of gods and goddesses created by an ancient civilization. (Those Greeks were Geeks!). And then when school started and it was time to discuss the book and it's various stories in English class, I was literally the ONLY student who was excited about it! Everyone else around me groaned and moaned their way through the unit. It was one of my first real tastes of what being 'different' meant.

In Supernatural, the writers use mythological stories and legends from all over as inspiration. In the very first episode alone, we encountered the legend of the "Woman in White" (or La Llorona in Spanish), and with every new episode, it's something new. Some new creature or ghost or demon that in theory isn't even supposed to exist, and somehow invades the human world!  Am I the only person who geeks out about this stuff?!?! It's just so awesome!

 Satisfies my Wanderlust

It wasn't until my early twenties that I finally rode in an airplane for the first time, and traveled outside of my home state. While it was a bit nerve-wracking and terrifying at times, it was also the most glorious feeling in the world: finally being able to see with my own two eyes just how much MORE is out there in the world than my own town that I grew up in.

In this t.v. show, we have the two main characters literally spend their entire lives on the open road. It is, essentially, freedom at it's finest: they have no jobs and no responsibilities to tie them down, no school, no bills to pay, no one to answer to but themselves. And while that also means having no money, at the end of the day.. it's like does that really make much of a difference? Besides, they get to see different cities, in different states, at different times of the year! You can't tell me that you haven't felt even a tiny smidgen of a magnetic pull sometimes.. Can you imagine, (when you're sitting at your desk at your mundane day job), just walking out, getting in your car and driving to wherever you damn well please? And staying as long as you want? Meeting new people in a new setting each week? Seeing the country you live in? Exploring?  It's the dream.

Has helped me discover awesome music

What goes hand in hand with hitting the open road? Good tunes to drive to, of course. I've always been a fan of classic rock, but watching Supernatural has definitely made me have a whole new appreciation of it, and has helped me discover bands and songs I wasn't previously familiar with. The radio in my car is now forever staying on the classic rock station, and it's become kind of a fun game keeping count of how many songs that I recognize from Supernatural get played in a day.. I get excited and turn it up!!!  There's also plenty of other songs and artists that I'll hear that make me think they SHOULD be used on the show, such as Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, and Alice Cooper.  I wonder if Dean Winchester ever lip syncs to any of them??

It makes me laugh

And cry..

And any time a show or movie can make you feel such emotions intensely, it really just means there are some great and uber talented actors/writers/directors involved.

Has Helped me become a Stronger Person

Confession time: I've always been kind of a sensitive being. I have always wanted to be a girl who has a thick skin, so to speak, but I've never quite gotten there. I've also struggled with anxiety issues for a few years, now.. which involves often feeling uncontrollably afraid.

I can honestly claim that Supernatural, (and more specifically) the character of Dean Winchester has helped me out tremendously. And it's not really something I noticed right away. But lately I just feel like, if I get myself in the mind-set of "Be Like Dean Winchester", it can make me feel pretty invincible! Without getting into some of the other aspects of his character, (such as how he is often his own worst enemy), he is for the most part always tough and strong. He is not scared of anything. (Except flying, but who isn't these days?!) He doesn't take anyone's (or anything's) crap. He goes for what he wants. He can kick ass and defend himself and his brother from all the evil things in the world. He's just cool!  And if even a little bit of this character's charisma has rubbed off on me in some way, then I'm all for it. If I could choose to be a character from this show, he is my first pick.  It also doesn't hurt that he drives an awesome car!
And, yes, it also kind of explains why I was so eager to meet the actor Jensen Ackles at the Salute to Supernatural convention last month.

Are you a fan of Supernatural? What are some of the reasons you're crazy for it? I'd love to know :)
And whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, I hope you spend it doing something you watching Supernatural! ;)



  1. I definitely have my "What Would Dean Do" moments, too. It's so empowering to put yourself in the mindset of a fearless character & think "what's the worst that could happen?" I love Supernatural. I've seen the first 6 seasons 3 times while trying to pull friends & family into the fandom. The only one it worked on was my husband. That's why he's a keeper :)

    1. That's awesome, Christa! Yeah, thankfully I've gotten my mom into it as well. We watch my dvd's almost every night ;) Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  2. Aw, I love this! Supernatural is so great, isn't it??


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