Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Artist Trading Card Swap

I've been playing around with new ways to showcase my drawing/art, and recently, I found out about Artist Trading Cards. They can act sort of like "business" cards that show off your work, but the idea is that you make them yourself, entirely by hand, (in other words, no digital/printing stuff), using whatever medium you're currently into, be it drawing, painting, collaging, or literally anything. They are usually 2.5 x 3.5 inches, (the size of a standard playing or baseball trading card), and you write your contact (or whatever info you want) on the back. Oh, and the best part is you can then 'trade' them with other artists!

The IGGPPC recently hosted an ATC Swap that I signed up for. Here are the cards I designed/made:

I came up with two designs for a series I'm naming the "Tea Party Series". They are hand drawn ink figures that I cut out and pasted on top of scrap paper and cardstock. The other one is plain sketchbook paper with a hand drawn illustration of a girl with a napping kitty on her head (!). It shall be the first of a series I'm going to call the "Cat-cessories Series":

And here are the ones I received from my swap partner, Grace:

Aren't they amazing?!

I'm so in love with them! And in love with ATC's in general... I definitely want to continue to make more, and make different designs for these two series, as well as other series.

My swap partner Grace blogs over at PinkJellyFishDesigns. Please check out her work! I couldn't have gotten matched up with a cooler artist!

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