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Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

As always, thanks to the Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for Fandom Friday!

I actually had a REALLY hard time with this prompt! But here we go...
Basically, the answer to everything is "Supernatural"... In fact, earlier this year, actor Stephen Amell (best known as Oliver McQueen/the Green Arrow) revealed he pitched an idea for a Supernatural // Arrow crossover: Supernatural Arrow Crossover Plan, because he's a fan and close friend of Sam Winchester, himself!

I don't know that it'll ever happen, but it'd be kind of awesome if it did! And now that Arrow has John Constantine, it'd be kind of funny if he and Castiel were to meet and just be like "Hey.. nice trench coat.." Ha!

Here are some other t.v. shows that I think could use a touch of the Supernatural:

5) Supernatural // The Vampire Diaries

the photo that sparked the idea

 There had been playful banter from Jensen Ackles before, about how he and Jared (as Dean and Sam Winchester) should visit Mystic Falls and "wipe out" all the vampires living there. (And maybe the witches and whatever else, too!)

This past SDCC, the lead actors of both SPN and TVD finally met and all I could think was "PLEASE make this happen on t.v.!!"  Honestly, all I can think about is the Winchesters showing up with the intention of getting all the vamps, but the Salvatores convince them that they should work together. Dean begrudgingly accepts, and finds that he actually kind of sort of gets along with Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).

Really, I just want a scene with Dean and Damon sitting at a bar, bitching about life, and getting old, and their 'annoying' little brothers. And Sam and Stefan (Paul Wesley) sitting off to the side rolling their eyes and exchanging funny stories of their irritating older brothers:

Sam: "Does yours sing loudly along to classic rock, too?" 
Stefan: "No - mine DANCES to it"

.. HA! Look at me. I'm writing a fanfic!!

* BONUS photo: remember that time I met Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore's brother at the SPN Convention?!? *

4) Supernatural // The X Files

Nevermind the fact that Walter Skinner of the XFiles (played by Mitch Pileggi) is also the Winchester boys' grandfather, Sam Campbell on SPN, but since the boys are so adept at pretending to be FBI agents, I need to see them work together with Mulder and Scully.

Can't you just picture Dean freaking out over aliens being real?!

3) Supernatural // Dominion

Dominion is a fairly new t.v. show on the SyFy channel that I enjoy watching. (I'm obsessed with angels!!) It's currently in it's second season, and it's basically about Angels coming down to Earth after "God" disappears.. hey wait a minute, wasn't that already a Supernatural plot line, once? Why, yes it was! However, it's a vastly different world altogether. In Dominion's world, we have a human named Alex who is told he is the Savior of humanity itself. And the angels Michael and Gabriel are SO not the same ones that we met in Supernatural.. But it would be so awesome if these two shows crossed over: Castiel urging Dean and Sam to meet him in Vega (formerly Las Vegas) to help his angelic brothers in a post apocalyptic civil war to save humankind.. I love the wings they give the angels in Supernatural, (virtually invisible shadows), but the ones in Dominion have actual black, feathery wings. Give Cas some of those! It'd be lovely :)

2) Supernatural // American Horror Story: Coven

I  realize AHS: Coven has already ended it's run, (and I've only recently started watching it on Netflix), but I would LOVE to see the Winchesters intervene and fight these nutty teenage witches! Also, one wish I've always had for Supernatural is that I'd like to see at least ONE episode filmed/take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, (where Coven takes place). They mention it from time to time, but have never actually stepped foot in it. For all the magic and hoodoo/voodoo that NOLA is known for, I think it's past due timing for a certain black Impala to make it's way down there and stir things up ;)

1) Supernatural // Doctor Who

Of course, I have to leave the best for last. Imagine one day, Dean and Sam are just sitting in their parked Impala, reviewing some new cases when all of a sudden a blue phone box appears in front of them. They both think they're losing their minds, but the crazy British dude who emerges from the box insists that they aren't. Can't the Winchester brothers be the Doctor's companions for ONCE??

It would burst my little fangirl heart into a billion pieces!! 

BONUS: Face Off // Project Runway (... and Supernatural?!?)

Ok, I realize that Face Off and Project Runway are both 'reality' shows, but it'd be perfect for the competitors of each to team up on a challenge: the Project Runway designers have to design a fashion-forward outfit for a new breed of monster, the Face Off artists are in charge of making the model into the monster.. and then set the made-over models/actors loose into the filming of an episode of Supernatural where the Winchesters have to hunt them! Whose 'look'/creation will stand up to the test?! Tell me that wouldn't be amazing!!!

And that's about it, for me.
What do you think? Do my ideas sound logical?!

Can't wait to see others' responses!

Until next time,



  1. Haha, I am trying to imagine that Project Runway/Supernatural crossover, and it would be epic! I didn't know I needed this show you just pitched in my life, but now I really, really want it to be a thing :D

    1. Haha, I didn't know I needed it, either. Sounds fantastic, though, huh?

  2. Super Natural and Doctor Who Would be amazing!!! I'm picturing it in my head. They could be the doctor's companions!


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