Saturday, January 2, 2016

Four Things to Inspire You Right NOW

Happy New Year!

The slate has been wiped and it's time for a fresh start. I wanted to share some links/things that I've been enjoying lately, and that hopefully bring you some positive energy to start off your 2016! Click through each heading for a neat story/video/file:

1) Random Acts - 12 Acts of Kindness

Ok, so this was a series of blog posts by the amazing folks at (founded by none other than Misha Collins of Supernatural, himself!) that started back in December, for the Holiday season. Each day they performed a different act of kindness for a family or individual in need, (everything from treating a down-on-their-luck family to groceries and a holiday dinner to donating new supplies to an animal shelter), and it's worth reading through each day's post to have your faith in humanity restored.

Misha and his family also took part in becoming "Secret Santas" for the kids in a few different families and bought them the things they most wished for on their Christmas lists. In case you aren't familiar with his own story: Misha was homeless for a while when he was six years old. His parents had both lost their jobs and were barely scraping by.. a complete stranger/mother of one of the kids in Misha's school found out about this and gave them $100 so they could have presents for Christmas. That one kind act changed Misha's life, and left such an impression that he is now returning the favor, over and over again. So not only does he play an angel on TV, he also happens to be one in real life ;)

2) Slingshot - a film on Netflix

This documentary isn't "new", (I think it was released in 2014), but I watched in recently on Netflix and was so inspired! It's about the guy who invented the Segway, (he's NOT dead!), and how he not only, genuinely does not care about fame, he uses his wealth to do GOOD things.. like start programs to help kids from all walks of life learn scientific things, (like building robots!) and inventing machines that can potentially solve the world's water problems.

Watch it.  And keep an eye out for the part where he introduces his "silent partner" who lives in his office. I don't remember if he actually had a name, but he looks like a "Ralph" to me ;)
3) FREE Coloring Pages from

I discovered Andrea Schroeder's wonderful site while researching art journaling on Pinterest one day, and signed up for her email newsletter. This past week she sent out a free coloring book page to download/print out per day, and you can find them, (plus lots of other neat freebies) on her site.

Unleash your creative side!!

4) Galactic Vision from

And now for the most "new age-y" thing on here: (I've always been into astrology! sue me!) - if you want to get your mind blown and take part in some cool "energy" building in 2016, give the first issue of the Galactic Vision newsletter a read! I don't really know how to explain it...

There are suggestions and tips for essentially raising your karma level, for the good of the Universe! (It's really not as kooky as it sounds, I swear - in fact, I found out about the Slingshot doc I mention above through this newsletter.. )  And you can follow @AquariusNation on Instagram for really neat horoscopes and other fun stuff. Go forth and become enlightened.


What do you think? What are some links/stories/things currently inspiring you??


  1. Misha is such an inspiration! I created a special section on my blog just because of Random Acts :)

    1. Pepi, that's so awesome! It's such a great mission that doesn't take much thought: just be KIND! :)


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