Friday, January 29, 2016

Month of Miyazaki: My Neighbor Totoro


I couldn't end the "Month of Miyazaki" without mentioning TOTORO!!! If there is ONE creature in the Universe that I WISH actually existed, it's most definitely this adorable fur ball of love.

When I think of Totoro, I think of comfort and warm, happy feelings. Hence my choices for an 'everyday cosplay' look inspired by Totoro! Comfy sweaters, tennis shoes, and I even included a mug for a nice warm cuppa tea as you lounge around, taking time out for YOURSELF on a rainy winter day.

Aaaahhhh.. can't you just feel the love?

Click through the photo to see where to purchase these items, if you're so inclined.

Also,  check out this idea for a Miyazaki-Theme Park!! (It's from last year, but I still think it would be so cool!)

 And an ANNOUNCEMENT: stay tuned for FEBRUARY's all new theme of cosplay inspirations - THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY TO PARTICIPATE IN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST!! I cannot WAIT to share the first post of the new theme with you guys!

Come back and see me, then :)

Check out:

1) Kiki's Delivery Service
2) Princess Mononoke
3) From Up on Poppy Hill
4)Howl's Moving Castle


  1. Yay, Totoro! This outfit does indeed look very cozy and warm. Love the splash of green in the "leaf" earrings.


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