Monday, January 11, 2016

Month of Miyazaki: Princess Mononoke


Out of all the movies, this is the latest one I've (re)watched this past weekend. I had forgotten just how deep and powerful the meaning of it is! Humans vs. Nature, Man behaving like Man, and the Spirit world trying it's best to defend itself.. Also, it's kind of the most violent of the Miyazaki films. Definitely not for small children.

I found out it was Hayao Miyazaki himself's birthday last week!

I hope my 'casual cosplay' inspirations for the Wolf-Girl San of Princess Mononoke do his vision justice. (Don't you just LOVE the amethyst shard necklace?! I'm lusting after it..) I would LOVE to do a San cosplay some day, with the full on warrior girl makeup.

I also think that the character of Lady Eboshi was kind of cool and a badass, but what she did to that magical Forest Spirit kind of soured her coolness, haha. Unforgivable!

Are you a Princess Mononoke fan?!

Remember to click through the photo above to see exactly where to find/buy the items I chose!

Until next time, Wolf Girls and Boys...


  1. I like your style. Cute ideas for outfits! Come check out my blog about fashion, music and food @

  2. It took me a long time to watch this one, but it's a great story with beautiful art. Love that necklace!


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