Saturday, January 23, 2016

New T.V. Show Alerts: The Magicians + The X-Files (rebooted!)

The Magicians premieres on SyFy this Monday, January 25th!!! Technically, they jumped the gun and showed the first episode back in December, and it's available to view online for free, but the "official" premiere with a second episode is set for Monday night. I'm quite excited about it! I did watch the first episode and thought it was right up my alley.

It's based on the bestselling book series by Lev Grossman, (which I have yet to read! Another series to add to my ever-growing list...), and kind of strikes me as a modern day "Chronicles of Narnia" for grown ups! Young adults with weird powers enrolled in a magical University to learn more new powers! And a secret land that threatens to destroy the real world! What more could you want?

I have high hopes for this series, (and SyFy better keep up with it!), because it's being produced by Sera Gamble, of Supernatural-fame!! (She was one of the people who took over the series after Eric Kripke departed..).

What do you guys think? Will you be watching?

The X-files

Rebooted! This show needs no introduction from me, as (I hope), most of you geeky girls and boys should be familiar with it already?

I used to love it as a child, and dreamed of becoming an FBI agent so I could infiltrate area 51, Mulder-style. (Ha - that actually didn't end too well for him, but I admired his bravery! Poor Scully, though. He never listens to her.)

The revival is finally  here, premiering TOMORROW. I'm excited. The truth is out there, ya'll.

Are you excited too? Will you be watching with me?


  1. I'm really excited for the x-files. Gillian Anderson looks so good!

    1. I know! I'm glad they were up for returning!

  2. Don't read the Magicians if you are liking the show...they deviate a lot, and its upsetting. I am having to think of them separately to keep watching because it's a cool show.

  3. I like this show, maybe many girls like it. By the way, have you ever used memory card software ? Unfortunately I lost my memory card data. I do not know how to do.


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