Monday, March 7, 2016

Month of Girl Power: Xena Warrior Princess


I'm actually having a hard time deciding which ladies to feature! There are so many female badasses out there that I want to do them all justice!

I decided to go with Xena for this week.. but I do have a confession to make. I've never actually watched this show! I may have caught glimpses of it here and there when I was way younger, but honestly, even then I thought it was kind of cheesy! HOWEVER - I realize that a lot of my girl friends are actually huge fans, and that Xena has been inspiring to them in some way, so after doing some research, (and having started watching the show on Netflix), I do understand this! She is indeed one bad ass tough cookie of a woman who fights and does things for herself, and THAT is the point.

Her costume, though.. hmm.. it was a bit of a challenge trying to think how to make it work for everyday, but what I ended up going with has been officially approved by a Xena fangirl, so I'm confident in it!

My favorite piece is the cuff that says "Fight Like a Girl" - damn right!

As always, click through the photo to see where you can buy everything! See ya'll next week!

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