Monday, April 25, 2016

Updates - April 2016

Doesn't time just FLY on by?! It seems like only yesterday we were all sitting around contemplating what we would be doing for 2016. And now it's already April. Almost May. Crazyness.

In case you haven't noticed, yes - I know I've been ignoring my blog. And the weekly "casual cosplay" sets have been fun, but I never meant for them to become ALL that my blog is about! So it was time for a little break, and here are some updates on life thus far. Honestly, I've been kind of down in the dumps, lately, but here are the happy things about the past few months:

  • I bought a WACOM tablet!! I named it Jensen. It is the love of my life. (The stylus/pen is named Misha, and yes, I realize I am missing a Jared, so I guess my new drawing software program will just have to be called Jared! Together it's Team Free Will!!!)
  • Because of said tablet and software, I have started publishing a mini webcomic! You can read it here on Tapastic, or..
  • officially has a 'sister' site on Tumblr! It's meant for strictly my comics/digital art that I will be creating. If you're on Tumblr, please follow!
  • I've been reading SO many good books lately. Reviews/ratings are posted on my Goodreads account. Add me as a friend, if you like!
  •  Umm.. I think I meant to say more, but I've forgotten. 

Stay tuned - lots of stuff in the works.. I hope ;)

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