Friday, June 27, 2014

Tutorial Time! DIY Wall Decals using Paint Chips/Samples!!!

Introducing... the easiest (and quite possibly the cheapest) tutorial ever!

I've been seeing a lot of talk about vinyl wall 'decals' lately, that come in all sorts of shapes, or that you can cut out yourself, using colorful tape. But I think I found an easier and much less expensive way to get the look of a 'statement wall' (or door, in my case). No permanent painting or damage of any kind required! And if you end up not liking it a week later, you can easily take it all down, or move it around. (I tried some vinyl wall stickers once that claimed to be 100% removable/repositionable/reusable- once I was sick of them, I peeled them off, along with a thin coat of drywall on the sticker, making it unusable any more. Thankfully, my walls are white, so there was no true visible damage, but still...)

This idea came to me one Sunday when I was in a foul mood. I had amassed a huge collection of paint chips in a variety of pretty pastel colors, with the intention of using them in a crafty way as room decor, but I wasn't sure how yet, until this day! Like I said, I was in a bad mood, but looking at pretty pastel colors helps to take me to a 'happy' place again, so I grabbed my paint cards and started cutting away.

The beauty of this project is that not only are paint chips/cards FREE, but you can cut any shape you want out of them. I went with triangles for now, but you can use squares, circles, diamonds, bows, stars, hearts... whatever your heart desires!

After cutting everything out, just stick some blue painter's tape to the back, and stick it to the wall/door!

That's it.

The whole thing took about 30 minutes.
 And two weeks later, they're all still sticking!

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