Monday, November 24, 2014

Flapper-Detectives and More Drawing

I made another quick doodle!

Every now and again, I'll have those days when I wake up in the morning and feel like dressing up! The other day I wore a semi-fancy dress to work, with my favorite black oxford-style lace up heels, and this lady complimented me on them. She also asked if I watched a certain show that's available on Netflix called "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" (I'd never even heard of it!), because the lead character "wears the coolest clothes" that I was sure to love. So this weekend, I finally got the chance to search for it.  And it's true: within the first 5 minutes, Phryne Fisher wore two different outfits that were nothing short of fabulous... and as the hour progressed in this first episode, there were many more. Gorgeous shoes, rich, glamorous colors, and a matching hat or hair accessory with every single one. I'm thinking that maybe I should get dressed up more often, if it's going to land me t.v. or movie recommendations! Also, I did the drawing above while watching the first episode. It was inspired by her second outfit.. I did it in ball point pen and please excuse the horrible lighting, but it couldn't be helped :(

I still can't say how I feel about the show itself, though, as I've only watched the one episode. Phryne Fisher is essentially a retro/flapper, brunette, and Australian version of Veronica Mars. Clever, and sneaky, and fearless. Pretty cool, but I'll have to see how interesting the plot lines are in future episodes! It's worth it to watch for the costumes, alone, though. Do you or anyone you know watch this show?

In other news: I really can't put into words how happy it made me that so many people seemed to like my drawing from my last Fandom Friday post!    I absolutely *love* drawing, and I've been trying to practice and get better at it, so it really meant a lot that it was liked. I hope to post art stuff more often.. (like my Phryne Fisher doodle today!) In fact, I started up a companion Tumblr blog for this purpose. It's nowhere near done right now, but hopefully it'll get there soon.

In other OTHER news, I'm excited about the third installment to the Hobbit and Mockingjay Part 1!! (Mockingjay was my favorite of the 3 Hunger Games books). I probably won't be able to get to the movie theater for them, but I'm still excited!!!!!!  How about you?!?  ;)

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