Monday, December 1, 2014

There's a new T.V. series premiering that I'm excited about!

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It always scares me when a random new T.V. show starts getting crazy promo because it always just makes me think "GAAAHH! This looks so cool! But wait! What if no one watches it and it gets cancelled?!" (which is something that keeps happening all too often in this day and age...)

I truly, truly hope that will not be the case with this new show that I keep seeing commercials about on TNT channel. Because it looks like so. much. fun!

It's called "The Librarians", and from my understanding, it's a new t.v. series adapted from older made-for-t.v. movies about one (singular) librarian who had to protect magical artifacts being housed at his library.  I never actually saw those movies, but now I'm curious about them and hope I'm able to find them somewhere online.

The main reason I'm so particularly excited for this show is that I happen to work at a library, myself. I can't technically call myself a librarian, though, because I don't hold a degree in Library Science, (nor do I intend to), but my role in working in the Circulation department is still important! Honestly, I love my job because I get to discover so many glorious new books on a daily basis, which is awesome for someone who loves to read, and my reading list is ever growing!

I do wish, however, that the actual library itself that I work in were a bit more... historical? It's really just a one story modernized space with bright lighting. There are no secret dungeon rooms, and we most certainly do not house any ancient or magical artifacts... but man, how I wish we could! It would be a DREAM to work in an old historical building with ancient texts and vintage architecture and decor. There are still libraries like that in the world, I'm sure, (okay maybe without the magical/priceless items), but mine isn't. And that makes me sad.  So I think it would make me very happy to live vicariously through this t.v. show.

Just please don't let it be cheesy or get cancelled!

Mark your calendars: it premieres this Sunday, December 7 at 8/7c on TNT.
Check out the trailer, below!  What do you think?!


  1. I just read this, and thought 'oh man, I'll have to wait until next year for that to air in the U.K.'
    I was wrong! It starts here next week too. Thanks for hooking me up!

    1. Yay! I'm glad it'll start at the same time on your side of the world! We can geek out together! ;)

  2. This looks interesting. I'm trying to remember if I saw the movie. Our old town library was nice. It was an old building, kind of dark with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. You had to walk up one of two narrow marble staircases to get to the actual library. I loved it. It looked the way a library should look so of course they built a new modern one that is boring and overly florescent lighted. Nothing magical could ever happen there : (

    1. Wait.. So did they close down the old one?!? How rude. I truly do wish my library looked like that!! Honestly it would benefit the community, yknow. *nods insistently*

    2. Turned it into the world's most boring museum, what were they think?! : )


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