Friday, April 10, 2015

Fandom Friday: 5 Times and Places I Would Go If I Owned a TARDIS

Happy Fandom Friday!

I had to switch gears a bit with today's theme of "5 Magical Objects I Wish I Owned", because my mind was drawing a big blank at trying to narrow it down. And while there *are* numerous magical objects I wish I owned, the one that takes the cake is most definitely the Doctor's TARDIS.  Who doesn't love the idea of a "smaller on the outside/bigger on the inside" phone box that allows you to go anywhere, (and any TIME), you want?! Where and when would YOU go?!

As always, thanks to the Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for these Fandom Fridays!

5. Outer Space/a faraway planet

There are some episodes where the Doctor is flying the TARDIS through the open space and opens the doors. And then he and or his companions kind of just gaze out at everything... I wanna do that too! I love love love looking up at the night sky when the moon is full and the stars are shining.. so imagine being able to do that, up close and personal? That would be so awesome.  And since there is still so much we are learning about planets/life on other planets, how about he takes me to one so I can find out for sure, with my own two eyes?!

4. Ancient Greece

I've always loved history, so most what I'd use the TARDIS for would probably be visiting past times. I love Greek mythology and they had some impressive architecture. One thing I learned from an art history course I took was that all those stark white buildings and statues we always think of when talking about ancient Greece were actually very colorful, once upon a time. I'd love to gaze upon what are now "ruins" in their day, when they were brand new and beautiful.

3.Victorian England

Really, I'm just in love with the fashion of this period. And the style, in general... Old Victorian houses? Yes please.

2. the time of the Dinosaurs

I'm really just curious to know if they were really the way they were portrayed in Jurassic Park.  No one was around back then, so how do you know what they REAAAALLY acted like..? And no human beings? Consider that a bonus. Sometimes you just need to escape, amirite?

1. 18th Century France/Versailles

I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette, so I've kind of always wanted to go back in time to raid her wardrobe, hahaha. When else would I get to dress in such extravagant, yet gorgeous fashions, with a little bit of EVERYTHING piled on? I'd totally strut around the palace of Versailles like I owned the place.  And maybe I'd even meet with the seamstresses in charge of creating such lovely clothes, see if I can learn a thing or two! Yes! But I'd be sure to get the heck out of dodge when the whole Revolution thing started.. yeah, the people were not fans of their king and queen towards the end, there...

*bonus: I'd take the TARDIS back in time to find out the truth behind all the things we consider "mysteries" in this day and age: Stonehenge, the disappearing Maya, Atlantis... etc.  After all, I would have all the time in the world! ;)


  1. If you do get your hands on a Tardis, I will come along as a companion. I want to see all of these!

  2. I love your take on this weeks theme! I'd deffo love to visit the dinosaur age too :D

  3. Oh man, I love this spin on the prompt! I would love to go EVERYWHERE if I had a TARDIS.

    1. I knowww, right?! I definitely have a bigger list than this ;)


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