Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Keep Fighting

I've been debating with myself whether or not I want to post this, but here goes...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably already heard/read by now the story behind this t-shirt designed by actor Jared Padalecki. Proceeds from the sale of it went to benefit To Write Love on Her Arms, a charity that works to raise awareness for depression, anxiety, addiction, and self harm.

Jared himself has recently been very vocal about his own struggles with depression, (in case you haven't already read about the lovely candle tribute the fans recently gifted him with at SDCC2015, check it out right now!)

Some people, (like him), choose to be open about this stuff.. other people, (like me), not so much. And it's okay! I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing either option. It all depends on how you feel about it.  I've never been one who can easily admit when I'm having problems, (much  less speak about them in detail to others..), but I have to admit that sometimes it IS necessary, and it DOES help!

Anxiety and depression seem to go hand in hand, and they've both played a part in my life for some time now. I used to get really bad panic attacks, but I'm happy to report that I think I've finally learned how to control them, and I haven't felt one surface in a long time - *knocks on wood*
But I still get anxious in other ways, and my body is highly sensitive to stress - (which rears it's ugly head literally most of the time, haha). But I've been trying to find new ways to deal. 

The best and most important practice that I've learned is self acceptance. Being kind to yourself. 

If you ask your friends/family members, I can guarantee that most, if not all, have had similar experiences with stressful life moments, or struggle with these things on a daily basis as well. NOBODY enjoys it, but on the bright side, it means that nobody is in this alone.

A close friend of mine recently got hit with some crappy life stuff, and she opened up to me about it. And since I, myself, have also been having a rough time these past couple of weeks, (the day I took the photo above was especially crappy, for lots of reasons. Ugh!), I decided to open up to her as well. She said something to me that nobody had ever said before, and it ended up becoming one of the best compliments I've ever received.

Do you know what she said?

She called me "STRONG".

It's a word that I've never really thought of myself as.  I mean, I've always longed to fit it, but I never really thought that I did.

But you know what? I am strong. I can overcome stressful times and things. I can and will keep fighting. 

And YOU can, and should, too.

So thank you Jared Padalecki, for caring enough to inspire us all by showing us we all battle with demons from time to time, and it's okay, so long as you don't let them win ;)

Always Keep Fighting!




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