Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Have I Been Up to Lately..??

In case you haven't noticed the increased amount of radio silence, lately...

I have been one busy girl!

Since April, I've:

- bought a new computer (!)
- installed/been playing around with Photoshop
- been practicing more drawing
- uploaded some drawings and am digitally coloring them! (so fun and exciting!)
- been working on some secret things!
- GIVEN THIS BLOG A MAKEOVER (Have you seen?! Do you like?!)

I've been implementing small changes here and there on my home on the web, but this weekend, I especially took some time to make myself cross-eyed, staring at so much coding.


I think I may have *finally* gotten it to a place that I'm 90% pleased with.. But there's still that small 10% that isn't quite so satisfied, and probably never will be! (Bah!)

But yes...

If you're reading this, and happen to find yourself with some spare time, please do take a look around and CLICK on everything clickable that you see! Please tell me if everything works!

And most exciting of all.. Do you see that last little item on my top menu bar? The one that says "SHOP"...???

Part of the secret things I've been secretly working on!

All still in the 'planning' stages, mind you, but I'm trying.

Stay tuned.




  1. The new layout looks great! Way to go!

  2. It looks great. You are so tech savvy...I envy you ; )

    1. Haha, dude.. NO way. This took hours/days and numerous (failed) attempts before it started looking right. I have trouble comprehending the simplest things!


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