Thursday, July 23, 2015

#IGGPPCAMP Digital Friendship Bracelet

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August is looking like it will be a busy month for me.. I'll talk more of what all I have planned later on, but one thing I recently signed up for (and that is totally new for me) is IGGPPCamp!

Did you ever get sent off to summer camp as a kid? I didn't, but I sometimes wish I had! In keeping with the tradition of it, the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club started an "online" version of a summer week-long camp that anyone can join and take part in. There are a TON of activities and cool things planned, so I'm kind of excited!

One of the 'pre-camp' activities currently going on is making your own digital friendship bracelet! I decided to try my hand at designing a little segment of my own:

It's a cute little purple bunny to match the new look/theme of my blog! I drew him a while ago in Photoshop, and have been wanting to use him somewhere, so here he is.

Whimsy and Noir

My bracelet so far is looking like this: (I still haven't finished adding everyone's segments that I've found, so I'm going to be updating this as I go!)

And finally: As you can see on my bracelet, I designed a couple of extra segments: a cute lil heart

Whimsy and Noir

And a super special #AKF (#AlwaysKeepFighting) segment for my fellow Supernatural/Jared Padalecki fans. (Read my special post on this campaign here)!

Whimsy and Noir

(PLEASE let me know if the above codes don't work.. I'm not too sure if I'm doing this correctly!)

I might try designing some more later! Let me know what you think, and share where I can find yours with me!

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