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The Road So Far: Supernatural Season 11

*Spoiler alert! If, for some reason, you aren't yet completely caught up with the current season of Supernatural that premiered in October, don't read this post!*

Since we don't have a new episode of Supernatural tonight, (thanks, Thanksgiving!), I figured it'd be a good time to write about what we've seen so far. It's only seven episodes in to this current season of everyone's favorite angsty monster-hunting show, but DUDE. So much has already happened that needs to be talked about!


Seriously.. I feel so sad for him. While his story line hasn't been as prevalent this season, it seems like things just keep going downhill for him. He started out with trying to overcome Rowena's curse, (all on his own), he was tortured (for no good reason!) by his own fellow angels, he was betrayed by (and then lost) his one angel friend, Hannah, and the Winchesters kind of keep shoving him aside because they're so wrapped up in their own drama that he can't help with... JEEZ! But I suppose things could always be worse. I mean, he could be in Metatron's sorry shoes.


Yes. This gets a heading all it's own. The one episode so far that everyone and their mom is still talking about. It was that precious. And it was the episode that inspired my lame little comic strip (above).

Overall, the writers seem to really be giving fans what they want/have been asking for for ages! And it's wonderful. The episode "Baby" was absolutely brilliant: a story line more or less told from the perspective of the car. There was monster killing, joyriding, deep bro conversations late into the night.. and singing.  Oh, how I love the singing...

And at the very end we had Sammy himself finally refer to Baby as "home". This was epic not only because he's always been more or less apathetic about the Impala/not as in love with it as Dean is, but also because it was a shout out back to the "Swan Song" episode in season 5, in which narrator/prophet/possibly God himself, Chuck, called it their home. *THE FEELS*


Seriously. I still can't wrap my head around the character of Amara/The Darkness.

Is she evil or just.. different? If they kill her, will it kill Dean too (since they're "linked")? And I'm sorry, but just WHOA at the whole revelation a couple of episodes ago that she is apparently the sister of GOD, Himself?!?! WHAT. I mean, really, what's going to happen here? And why do we have Sam talking about sacrificing himself.. AGAIN? Which brings me to my next talking point:


Ahhh. The Cage. The one thing that hasn't been mentioned since season 6: where Lucifer and Michael have been trapped, not to mention the body of Sam and Dean's half brother Adam. At the very start of season 11, one of Crowley's demons let it slip that "something or someone is screaming from the Cage".  It basically broke the fandom.

But this is exactly what I mean when I said that the writers are giving the fans what they've been wondering about for years, now! It's like "finally!"


And in keeping with #4, another way the writers have been treating us is by bringing back guest stars of seasons past, my personal favorite being Matt Cohen as (young) John Winchester. Just last week we also had Brianna Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna) in the episode "Plush", we got Curtis Armstrong coming back as Metatron/Marv, and even Jenna (Laci Mailey) from the first two episodes played a different character back in season 7, OH, and the upcoming episode 8 (airing December 2nd) was directed by Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.), himself!!!

But something tells me we aren't done yet. We're all hoping for/wondering if and when Adam will show up again, I'm hoping for John Winchester again, and maybe Bobby Singer? Or, hey, Lucifer himself might volunteer to help ridding the universe of the Darkness??

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And just because a little holiday that goes by the name of "Thanksgiving" or whatever is coming up tomorrow, why don't I give you a list of

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  5 Supernatural-related things I'm THANKFUL for:  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1) I'm thankful that this show is still going strong. I haven't been watching from the very beginning, but it's been a wonderful, life changing adventure catching up on finished seasons, and I STILL have new things to look forward to! Thank you, fandom Universe!

2) I'm thankful that Misha Collins (Castiel) is okay. A few months ago, I mentioned how he had been assaulted on the street, and he was badly injured. But it could have been a lot worse, and I'm happy he's all better.

3) I'm thankful for Misha Collins himself! And all the other wonderful actors on this show that often show their humble sides, working diligently with charities and just being all-around-GOOD and DECENT human beings, in general. There's no stuck up-holier-than-thou celebrity attitudes, no gossipy drama, no negativity. (Just take a look at Matt Cohen's Instagram feed: full of daily inspiration! and adorable baby pictures/videos!) Part of the reason I admire them all, and this show, so much.

4) I'm thankful for the Always Keep Fighting campaign. It's been a wonderful message that's helped, and continues to help so many people.

5) And finally, I'm thankful for the SPN Family itself. We're all a bunch of weirdos, but we're in this together!

Until next time! OH, and Happy Thanksgiving, America!

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