Monday, February 8, 2016

Month of Power Couples: Scully and Mulder


First things first: A winner has been chosen (at random) for last week's giveaway! The winner is.. WENDY!!!

Congratulations, Wendy!!! You will be contacted shortly ;)

The interview and cosplay-set with Dez will stay up, indefinitely, so in case you missed it, go back and check it out! While you're at it, Dez has started a blog of her own, and you can find it right here: The Dapper Paranormal Periodical

And now back to business! It's week two of the "Month of Power Couples" - and everyone knows that one of the best examples of that is none other than Dana Scully and Fox Mulder of the X-Files. With the revival well under way, it was perfect timing to choose them for an everyday-cosplay inspiration set.. there ain't no Mulder without Scully!!!

I kept things as casual as possible - that pencil skirt is dark denim, for comfort! And of course, I couldn't resist giving Mulder some adorable alien-printed socks. They stay hidden beneath the shoes, for being all "professional-like", but he knows the truth! Scully keeps it less obvious though, with a spritz of Thierry Mugler's "Alien" fragrance. YEP!

Would you want to cosplay as Scully and/or Mulder with your BFF or significant other?! I sure would!

As always, click through the photo for info on where to buy everything.

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  1. I'm so excited that I won! Thanks again for doing the giveaway!

    I really love this set. Dana and Fox are forever one of my OTPs! The alien socks must be my favorite!

    1. No problem! Hope you enjoy it!
      Everyone needs alien socks in their life! ;)

  2. Thanks for hosting the giveaway & congrats to Wendy!!

    LOVE Mulder & Scully! So excited to watch tonight's episode. :) And I agree, the alien socks are perfect. haha

    1. Was happy to help! And I'm glad the XFiles is back on tv! ;)

  3. Perfect picks. The alien socks are a nice touch ;)


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