Monday, March 21, 2016

Month of Girl Power: Jessica Jones


Are you good at facing your fears? It's okay if you're not.. Most people struggle with things that make you freeze in terror, including the tough-as-nails Jessica Jones. But you know what? She faces them head on and kicks so much ass doing it!

As far as her wardrobe goes, not much imagination goes into it, but it doesn't need to! That's kind of the whole idea, I think. No fussy outfits, so that she can focus on getting the job done!

And I absolutely love the fact that she lives in New York City. While most of us don't have that luxury, we can bring in a taste of the Big Apple into our homes to get us into that "NYC SPEED" mindset! Hence why I included home decor items to go around with you lounging around in torn jeans and combat boots. Because why the hell not.

I am eagerly awaiting season two of this awesome Netflix series. Go Jessica, go!!

Remember you can click through the photo to see where to purchase every item.

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  1. I love her style so much. It's low-key and simple, but still really cute.

    1. Agreed! And it looks hella comfy too! ;)


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