Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Month of Girl Power: Zoe Washburne


Bringing the Month of Girl Power to an end with a huge bang!  I've been re watching Firefly and I love it! And while I think all the female characters on that show are awesome in their own way, Zoe most definitely takes the 'kick ass cake'!!! There was NO telling that girl what to do, and I love how she managed to keep cool and collected in high tension situations.

Khakis and brown/earth tones aren't the most exciting, (unfortunately), but the way she accessorizes makes them work!

Don't forget your boots, badass Browncoat space cowgirl!

And that brings March to an end. I enjoyed this month's theme the most so far!

No clue yet what April will bring, but I hope you'll stick around <3

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