Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Month of Gender Swap: The Magicians


Because, why not?!

New month. New theme. A great number of the characters I admire the most throughout my fandoms are male, and since I'm a female who loves wearing dresses and all manner of "girly" clothes, I've always enjoyed coming up with outfits that seem like my favorite boys would wear if they were girly girls like me!

So let's have some fun and switch some genders around!

I was inspired by my friend Dez for this first installment - she is the biggest fangirl of the SyFy series, The Magicians, (that I first blogged about here), and she recently got her hair cut in a style that made her look an awful lot like one of the lead dudes, Quentin Coldwater! And it even got a virtual approval by Lev Grossman, (author of the Magicians book series), himself! It was fantastic!

So what would Quentin dress like if he indeed WERE a girl?

And what would his GF Alice dress like if she were a HE?

Stay tuned for more gender swapping casual cosplay sets for April!


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