Monday, December 16, 2013

Curiouser and curiouser...

~ Happy Monday!  I found myself (thankfully) with some free time from my day job this weekend, and so I took the chance to get dolled up on Friday and have a shopping adventure with my mommy.  On Friday, it wasn't as cold as it had been the past few days, so I finally got to wear my new "You've Got Characters" tights from Modcloth! (link at bottom of post).

Alice in Wonderland is pretty much my favorite story/movie/tale of all time, so I just had to buy these lovely things when I first saw them.  I was a little scared after reading reviews from other people about how other tights from Modcloth ripped instantly on the first wear, but these didn't!  They feel strong, and I love how smooooooth they are, too!  I got compliments everywhere I went.

After hitting up the grocery store (in search of new flavors of TEA!), my mom wanted to swing by Garden Ridge, and (at the risk of getting in trouble by posting these pics): I FOUND A TARDIS.  NO, REALLY.

Okay, I guess legally speaking, they can't refer to these cute shelves as "Tardises" for licensing issues, but they are actual blue, 'public call police boxes'!!!  My little Whovian heart soared.  I didn't buy one, because I have literally NO room for one, but I just thought they were so amazing!  There actually used to be boxes like this in use in the U.K. during the 1960's, but all Whovians know what they "actually" are ;)

And finally, here's the tea I bought:

Have you ever wanted to eat a rose, or is that just me?
This is the next best thing.  It tasted a bit 'muskier' than I thought it would, and it reminded me of Earl Grey tea, so I tried it with a bit of coconut milk and it was pretty delicious.

my photographer mom was making me laugh, haha

blurry shoe pic!


red coat: Ross // coral cardigan: gift // tights: Modcloth  // shoes: Payless


  1. Those tights are really lovely! Last year around Christmas time I found a lovely vintage copy which I bought as my younger sister's gift. It was a little beat up, but truly darling. That also looks like it's a lovely skirt (?). I wish I were into more authentic tea! I seem to only ever drink plain lipton or peppermint tea with half a Splenda. Coconut milk sounds like a beautiful addition though!

    Kalie H.

    1. delayed response!: thanks! ooh I love vintage copies of Alice in Wonderland.. I saw one on ebay once but it was so expensive :(

  2. Hey lady! Great tights. Just wanted to respond to your comment -- just visit the shop to determine which layout you'd choose, and leave a blog post comment on my blog saying which you'd use. Sorry if this wasn't clear! I'll fix the wording.

    xox Sammi

  3. The tights are so unique! I love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


    1. Thank you! sure we can follow each other :) I followed you on Blogger.

  4. your tattoo tights are so darling! i love them!

    lindsey louise


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