Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Books I am currently reading: December, PLUS: a recap of my 2013

What a busy couple of weeks I've had! No time to sit and write any well thought out blog posts.  But I've been reading others' end of year posts and I felt inspired.

So let's get started: Because of being so busy, I only had time to dive into one book this month, (and it's not even a novel!).

  • "Young Miss Holmes: Casebook 1-2" - Kaoru Shintani
I'm not actually a big reader of Japanese mangas, (although I love the artwork!), but I've been more and more curious about them lately.  I was so intrigued by the cover of this one that I just had to check it out, and I love it so far.  I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes, (even the Robert Downey/Jude Law movies, and I've started watching season 1 of the Sherlock BBC show).  This little story revolves around Sherlock's (made-up) niece, Christy.  She's apparently inherited her uncle's super-sleuth genius-genes and talents and helps him solve mysteries. In fact, she's even better at it than he is! I've only gotten about a 1/4 of the way through, as it's actually kind of a thick volume/collection, by most manga standards, but I'm enjoying it a lot!  I hope to find the rest of the series.


  • "Good Omens" - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
I started this in December of 2012 and finished it January 2013. It was a very appropriate book to read at that time, since that whole "Apocalypse of 2012" nuttyness was in full swing at that time.  This book was a hilarious story about that, and it became one of my favorite books.  It revolved around an angel and a demon living in London U.K. during 2012 and this whole ordeal involving a book of prophecies written by a witch named Agnes Nutter.  I honestly can't even describe it in full detail, you just have to read it for yourself ;)

  • "The Night Circus" - Erin Morgenstern
I wrote a lengthier review/blog post about this one on my old blog here.  I loved this book so much it's not even funny.

  • "Looking for Alaska" - John Green
This is the first (and so far, only), novel by John Green that I've read.  (His books are pretty popular!).  I actually read it very early on in 2013 so it's not fresh in my mind, but it was a pretty dramatic coming-of-age type story, and I can see why John Green's writing has so many people captivated.

  • "Game of Thrones: Book one. A Song of Ice and Fire" - George R. R. Martin
Yikes. Okay, so I may or may not have 100% finished this one, as it was way too long and the library got angry at me for keeping it longer than I should have, haha.  It was my first introduction into Martin's Game of Thrones world and it was good and all, but just oh so very long.  I mentioned the second book in the series on my Books I am currently reading: November post, if you want to know more.

  • "Doctor Who: Forever Autumn" - Mark Morris
If you've read ANY of my previous blog posts, you should know by now that I am a huge Doctor Who geekazoid.  (Did I really just type that?)  This year I found out there are actually entire novels/books about the Doctor!  This one literally fell into my lap in August of 2013 and I immediately devoured it because 1) it involves my favorite Doctor (#10), 2) it has a Halloween jack'o lantern, (I LOVE HALLOWEEN), and 3) I was so anxious for Fall and the title is "Forever Autumn" so yeah.  The writing itself was pretty amateur and parts of the story line were kind of dumb, but I still enjoyed the notion of the Doctor and Martha solving a mystery of pumpkin-headed aliens in a New England town on Halloween.  Could have been a good episode ;)

  • "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" - Neil Gaiman
2013 was the year of Neil Gaiman.  He released so many books this year, and they're all so wonderful. I waited so long and so patiently for this one, and it was oh so worth it.  It's a super short novella that you can probably finish in one sitting.  And oh so magical!  I can't even describe it.  But it's the kind of story that makes you wonder if it could actually be true...  read it.  Trust me.

As for some other stuff...

2013 certainly came and went so quickly.

Some of the cool things that happened this year were:

  • January: I finally met and got to start an internship with a fashion designer that I had admired for years.  She and her husband have actually turned out to become very good friends and I visited with them tons this year.  They also taught me so much about corset-making and I was able to hone some skills during my internship with them.  I'm thankful that I worked up the courage to contact them in January! Also in January: I finally launched my official website. Something that took years in the making!  I was very proud of myself for it!

  • February/March/April: honestly, those months were kind of a blur. Nothing too significant occurred until May, when I finally graduated with an Associate's degree in Fashion Design ;)

  • June/July: I finally found a new day job after having been unemployed for a year and I'm still there now and love it :) 

  • August/September: another blur.  Don't think anything major occurred. But I might just be forgetting? haha.

  • October: this is lame but, the tenth month of the year was also the Tenth Doctor month.  And he's my favorite.  In case you haven't gathered that by now.  The end of October was also when I FINALLY got to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the first time.  I loved it so much and I truly hope I get to go again next year!
Me at the Ren Fest! 

  • November: THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!  It was all I was looking forward to the entire year! And it was great! I even made a 10th Doctor inspired costume, remember??  (Click here).  Oh yeah, and I also launched this here shiny new blog of mine ;)

  • And finally, we're here in December.  Overall, 2013 was pretty good to me. A definite improvement over the low points of 2012.  This year I felt like I have finally been getting closer to finding who I truly am, and feeling more confident in myself.  It's been a year of acceptance, in a way.  And I hope 2014 is a continuation of all that.  I don't really make new year's resolutions, but I do hope to continue to grow as a person this coming year, and also I hope to grow and improve this blog!

If you read all of this, I thank you.  And please share with me the highlights of YOUR 2013 ;)

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