Monday, April 14, 2014

Books I'm Currently Reading: April 2014

  • The Sandman Vol.1: Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman
I know I've mentioned in the past that Neil Gaiman is a favorite author of mine, but if you can believe it, I haven't yet read EVERYTHING that he's written. (But I've read plenty enough to call him my favorite! And that's saying a lot!)  His Sandman graphic novel/comic is actually what he became famous for. I've never been an avid reader of comics, (hence why I hadn't looked at the Sandman until now), but I'm trying to change that. There's just too many good sounding ones out there, so I figured I'd give them a chance.  Preludes and Nocturnes is designated as Volume 1 or Part 1 of the Sandman. It's very interesting so far. Highly imaginative and I'm loving the character of Morpheus, (i.e. the Sandman). He's on the hunt for precious items of his that were stolen...

  • The Search for WondLa - Tony DiTerlizzi
I came across this novel by accident at the library (don't I always?!), and it just looked SO interesting that I had to check it out. I adore fantasy stories, and this one is just so crazy sounding that it was calling my name! It's about a young human girl who has grown up on a strange planet with only the company of a robot called "Muthr". She's never even set foot on the world outside her enclosed 'sanctuary', but one day she's forced to venture out by herself when her home is attacked. Turns out the planet or whatever she lives on is inhabited by weird alien creatures who speak strange languages. Yeah, I have no idea where this story will end up, but I shall have to wait and see!

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