Monday, April 7, 2014

What's in my bag.. and what isn't??

The Bag: Betsey Johnson roses print, found at Ross. (I adore it!)The Contents from left to right: iPod, pearl pink Nintendo 3DS XL in handmade (by me) zipper pouch, antibacterial gel (because yeah, I can be germophobic at times), Hello Kitty mirror compact, Mongo Kiss lip balm, Maybelline lipsticks and polka dot makeup bag, gum, bottle of aromatherapy essential oil blend, red pouch containing crystal stones, (helps my anxiety!), and last but not least...

Guess what came in the mail?! The Toy Story 3 Peas-in-a-Pod plushies I mentioned last Monday.They are even cuter in person. I also bought an even smaller keychain version for my mommy ;)  I hope to take lots of good photos soon!

What isn't pictured: my wallet, and my broken nametag lanyard from work. What I don't carry (but probably should!): a hairbrush (lol), a book to read, a small notebook for jotting things down. (I always forget!)

Until next time!

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