Monday, March 31, 2014

Dolls, Toys, and Taking Photos

Meet the newest addition to my Monster High doll collection.

Monday again. I hope you had a nice weekend!  On Saturday, I hung out with a friend and we had a lot of fun shopping and chatting for hours. Sunday I worked on drawing for a tiny bit and some other stuff.

The friend I saw on Saturday is a huge fan of dolls and toys, (like I am!). We hadn't seen each other since before my birthday in January, so she presented me with a belated gift: Monster High Skelita, Art Class edition! (see the photo of it above: a choice more fitting than she even realizes!). As we browsed the latest selections at Toys 'R Us and Target I got to thinking that I need a special little toy to use as one of those 'props' to use whenever (and wherever) I take a photo. (Kind of like the 'traveling garden gnome' thing?)

I have way too many toys to choose from: Monster High Dolls, stuffed animals, figurines, etc.  So it's hard to choose just ONE special one that can travel with me in my purse for me to photograph at a moment's notice when I happen to find myself somewhere special. A doll might be just too big to carry around, so I want something smaller. I'm leaning the most towards either one of my Hello Kitty figures or the My Little Pony Dr. Whooves figurine that I keep on my bedside shelf, as it would be fitting to make it seem like he's on one of his adventures through space and time, but I'm not sure...

My mom actually suggests that I follow in actress Aimee Teegarden 's Instagramming-footsteps and buy myself a "Peas in a Pod" set (from Toy Story 3!) to use. We both read about her in some celeb magazine, and after looking up Aimee's Instagram account, where she posts photos of the little peas sitting on the table at restaurants or riding with her on a plane, I am simply dying to get my hands on one of those little zippered pouches! But of course, I don't want to seem like a copy cat, either, so I don't know!  (Seriously though, how ADORABLE are those little peas?!?)

Do you have any special toys/props you like to feature in your photos?  Let me know! I need ideas!

Have a good start to your week!

UPDATE: I totally caved in and bought myself a peas-in-the-pod plushie set! I'm not sure I'll use it as my photo prop, but I can't wait for it to arrive!


  1. You should so use your Dr. Whooves Figure for your traveling mascot pictures!!!

    1. Dava: I actually bought the peas in a pod plushie set and have been using them! But I'd like to use Dr. Whooves as well ;)


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