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Fandom Friday: Five Times I Shamelessly Fangirled!

Happy Fandom Friday! I know I've been missing out on these Fridays, (and blogging in general) lately, but I do miss them and am trying to get back in the fandom saddle. Today's prompt has me so excited because "FANGIRL" happens to be my middle name!

The following are five true life accounts of occasions when I let my Fangirl-Flag fly. (There's even photographic proof for some!) I hope you find them humorous and entertaining! Can't wait to read everyone else's!!!

As always, THANK YOU to the Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for these prompts!



I wear my band love on my jacket! MCR forever!


This one is pretty recent, so that's why I'm starting with it. I was having a conversation about My Chemical Romance with a coworker the other day, and at one point he called the lead singer "Jared Way", and I immediately cut him off and yelled "It's GERARD! Get it right!"... he was like "Jeez, alright. Calm down."

No shame.

4) and 3) 

"Umm.. I made you somethingbutitreallysucksbutitwouldmeanalotifyouacceptedit"

This is one of my favorites. Two different moments, but with the same dude. I've seen one of my favorite bands, Kill Hannah, in concert three times. On two of those shows, I got to meet the singer, Mat Devine (whom I've blogged about here), and give him some handmade gifts. The first time, I gave him a notebook filled with fashion sketches for a collection I designed inspired by his 'muse'. I remember being way too shy/frozen in place while he chatted with and took photos with other fans, and I just stood there until he was literally about to walk off and my friend shoved me towards him and so finally I was like "Wait!" and handed him the book, and my friend took photos while he looked through it, and then he hugged me!

he's holding the notebook!

 I think he was genuinely pleased. (Hopefully, anyways).

The second time, (a year later), I got more ambitious with my gift for him. I knew he was fond of wearing military style jackets, so I applied some of my clothing construction knowledge and attempted to make him a jacket! I was so incredibly nervous when I showed it to him, but he immediately tried it on and my heart kind of sank when I realized it didn't fit properly, (after all, I had to guess what his measurements are), but he kept insisting that it fit "perfectly" and he posed for a photo and he even kept it on the rest of the night. It was, hands down, one of the BEST experiences of my life. I got to live my dream of designing for rockstars for a night! I will fangirl about that forever!

before the show

and after :)


2) "Say 'hi' to your mini me!"

I've already mentioned this from January: I got to meet my first ever ACTOR: Jensen Ackles (better known as Dean Winchester from the show Supernatural) at #HousCon, and I had made a doll version of him to complement my cosplay. I held it up and showed it to him and said "Say 'Hi' to your mini me!" when it was my turn to get a photo with him and he smiled/laughed at it. If making a doll of a character you love, cuddling it for dear life, and showing it to the actor who plays that character on t.v. is not the definition of a "fangirl", then I don't know what is!

me: sandwiched between TWO Dean Winchesters!

1) "I'm going to die."

I saved the best for last, because this is the ULTIMATE fangirl-moment. Like.. textbook definition. Making a fool of yourself in front of someone you admire can be embarrassing, but at least it makes for a story to tell!

I once had the privilege of meeting the members of the band Placebo at an autograph session for an outdoor concert tour they were a part of. A once in a lifetime experience, because this band is huge and virtually inaccessible.

Asking for photos with the guys was not allowed, since they needed to keep the line moving quickly, so I just held out my hand for each of them to shake, and when I got to lead singer Brian Molko, I literally blurted out the phrase "It's Brian Molko. Oh my God. I'm going to die", while holding his hand and I wanted to smack myself. What kind of thing is that to say to someone?!

However, being the sweet and awesome guy he is, he clutched my hand tighter, looked me straight in the eye and pleaded "Please don't die!".

This is the back of my once-fuschia-ish head right before I fangirled in front of Brian Molko (the guy in the black hat and shirt!) - forever thankful to my partner-in-crime Tina for sneakily capturing this moment!

I dare someone to top that story! ;)

And that's about it!

Share with me your favorite fangirling (or fanboying!) experiences!

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  1. I love the photo with Jensen! I love all your photos really. You look so happy!

    1. Hehe. They were good times, that's why! ;)

  2. Great list - you've met some awesome people and have some really nice pics to remember the moments! I especially love the photos of Mat Devine with your gifts!

    1. Ah yes.. I miss my concert-going/giving Mat Devine handmade gifts days! ;)

  3. OMG Brian Molko!!! At least you managed to speak, I would not have been able to do that. He is so perfect.

    1. Lol. He is ADORABLE and suuuper sweet. They all were nice. Stefan especially was so chill and looked me right in the eye as he held my hand. I felt so appreciated as a fan!!


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